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How to help your child deal with anger - Dr Kirren Schnack Clinical Psychologist

All human beings get angry. We’re supposed to, evolutionarily speaking it helps us to survive when our fight or flight options get restricted down to the former. But anger can of course also be damaging, it can overwhelm us, especially when we’re under-experienced at anger management.
Why does my child get so angry at everything?
Children are a pot of boiling emotions, with little experience of how to deal with their emotions in moderation. This is actually a physiological situation – your little darling’s frontal cortex (where he or she does their thinking, planning, and decision-making) is still in the process of growth. So, emotionally-speaking, they’re like a car heading out into the world without a fully-configured braking system. While they can go from 0 to 10 on the anger-meter in appropriate situations, they can hit the same anger peaks in situations where they haven’t actually been threatened in any meaningful way, and this can seem as though it is disproportionate. Certain feel…

Will general practice as we know it survive in this economic climate?

We are not sure.  Below is a document written by a local GP colleague who is trying to raise awareness of the pressure that NHS GPs are under.  Reading it, I am struggling to see how the wonderful NHS GP service that we know and love is going to survive.  We are posting it to help with awareness as we fully support our NHS GP colleagues and believe that the role of GP is such a crucial one to this nation.  Here it is:

£136 per year – what can you buy?
- 11 months pet insurance; it costs £151 to insure one rabbit for a year with Petplan - 6 months mobile phone use; one year on a Vodafone sim-only tariff costs £264 - 5 months Sky TV family bundle  - less than 3 tanks of fuel for a Vauxhall Astra - coffee on your way to work for 3 months
…one year of funding per patient for the average general practice.
Yes. £136. Less than the cost of pet insurance, or a mobile phone, or Sky TV, or 3 tanks of fuel. And many practices get far less than this. And what do you get for your £136? As many consu…